for the gentleman of discerning posture
Welcome indeed, good Sirs, to Modern Stance. We trust your journey through your life thus far was a pleasant one. If there is anything we can do for you then please do not hesitate for even one chronological iotum to ask.
Above these words are further words, electrically contrived to offer navigational abilities across our site. We beg you to first consult our many Stances; that is, after all, our purpose.
Modern Stance is a publicly-spirited organisation striving to promote careful demeanour and considered topology. Our writers have striven for years to stand elegantly, walk commandingly and recline suggestively; now their chance to share their skills for the benefit of Mankind is come.
Gentlemen across the world are becoming somewhat slack in their appearance and physicality. Whilst a surfeit of respectable publications seek to improve the former little thought has been given to the latter. Stances are not merely a means of passing the time; stances can deliver a message, pose a question, indicate one's disposition and social status, represent diverse philosophical premises in an earthly manner and lubricate the flow of Life herself.

Without Modern Stance a man is merely mortal flesh and finite soul...

The Stancèd Man is Immortal...
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